Short Resume

Dr. Lionel D. Alford, Jr.

1704 N. Cypress, Wichita, KS  67206

(316) 636-9514                                                                                      



Experimental Test Pilot, Flight Test Engineer, Safety/Research/Design Engineer, Acquisition Manager uniquely qualified as a test pilot, engineer, and manager by a combination of formal graduate level education, substantial flight time, and high pressure acquisition leadership experience.  Expert in the field of developmental aviation with specific expertise in large multiengine aircraft systems.  Superb communicator—writer and educator.  Idea developer currently designing uninhabited aerial vehicle systems and researching the development of super efficient aircraft wings.



Airline Transport Pilot

·     Airplane Multiengine Land

     LR-JET G-IV N-265

·     Commercial Privileges

     Airplane SE Land L-382

USAF Test Pilot School Graduate, Class 91A

·     MC-130H Combat Talon II Test Pilot

·     T-39 Chief Evaluator/Modification Test Pilot

·     Testing Commercial Aircraft for Air Force Acquisition

·     Air Force Aircraft Commander in 7 aircraft



Total Time: 6,046 (3,636 Military)

·     Pilot in Command (PIC)

·     Flight Test

·     Turbine powered PIC

·     Instructor/Evaluator

·     Number of Aircraft Flown (PIC)






·     C-21A (Lear 35)

·     C-130E (L-382E)

·     BE-58 Baron

·     OV-10A

·     T-39 (Sabre Jet)








Design/Research Engineer/Test Pilot

2004 to present

Defense Research Associates (DRA), Dayton, Ohio                                                             Since 2004

·     Designing and developing Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles for DARPA and DoD

·     Consulting for flight test and aeronautical engineering

AirLaunch Systems, Kirkland, Washington                                                                             Since 2006

·     Advanced aerodynamic analysis enabling air launch of space vehicles dropped from cargo aircraft

·     Resulted in successful heaviest 72,000 pound load at 32,000 feet from a C-17 aircraft

EG&G Technical Services Inc., Beavercreek, Ohio                                                                   Since 2007

·     Evaluated/reported aerodynamic technical issues for Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM)

·     Completed preliminary evaluation overview of training and manning for all military service UAS

Flint Hills Solutions, LLC, Wichita, Kansas                                                                                  Since 2008

·     Chief Test Pilot: developing Uninhabited Aerial Systems and payloads for crises deployment

·     Set up Software in the Loop simulator and other computer based solutions


Chief, System Safety Engineer

2002 to 2004

Mobility Systems System Program Office, Dayton, Ohio

·     Engineering signoff and management of system safety engineering for C-130J, C-130 Avionics Modernization Program, KC-135 Global Air Traffic Management, C-5 Avionics Modernization Program, C‑5 Reengining Reliability Program, Halvorsen Loader, C-20, C-37, C-40, KC-X Tanker, and Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures - FAA and Military system certification advisor

·     MQ-9L Predator B R&D mishap investigation, Investigating Officer and Board President 

·     Supervised and managed 9 officer personnel


Headquarters Staff Officer

1999 to 2002

Air Force Materiel Command, Dayton, Ohio

·     Chief, Aircraft, Propulsion, Avionics, and Electronic Warfare Team – test & evaluation policy & resource Manager for the Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards Air Force Base

·     FAA and Military certification manager, flight test representative to Air Force certification board

·     Policy and resource manager for USAF Test Pilot School


Acquisition Manager

1994 to 1999

Special Operations Forces System Program Office, Dayton, Ohio

·     Test and evaluation signoff and division chief for T&E of CV-22, MC-130H, MC-130E, AC-130H, HC-130P/N, MH-60G, HH-60, MH-53J, and AC-130U – managed and supervised 4 officers

·     Integration Lead for the MC-130H Combat Talon II

·     Military representative to Air Force certification process development


Experimental Test Pilot

1991 to 1994

Air Force Materiel Command, Dayton, Ohio and Edwards Air Force Base, California

·     Chief, Testing Commercial Aircraft for Military Acquisition

·     T-39 Flight Commander – Managed and supervised 10 pilots, 6 aircraft

·     MC-130H Combat Talon II Test Pilot


Line Pilot

1981 to 1991

United States Air Force, Various Locations

·     C-130 Instructor Pilot, All Weather Aerial Delivery and Special Missions Pilot

·     C-21 Instructor Pilot, Operational Support Airlift Pilot

·     OV-10 Flight Lead, Forward Air Controller



1980 to 1981

Beech Aircraft Company, Wichita, Kansas

·     Process engineering chemist



·     Chief Air Force test pilot: C-130J, Non-Developmental Airlift Aircraft, T-39 fleet, Joint Cockpit Office, Testing Commercial Aircraft for Air Force Acquisition Office

·     Patent (United States 7644892) for Blended Winglet (Capped Helix Winglet (CHeW)) 12 Jan 2010

·     Retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel—24 years on active duty  

·     Adjunct faculty for Air Force Institute of Technology lecturing on test and evaluation

·     42 internationally published papers on engineering, flight test, and acquisition

·     Historical fiction novels:  Centurion 2008, Aegypt 2008, and The Second Mission, 2003

·     Science fiction novels:  The End of Honor, The Fox's Honor, A Season of Honor all 2008

·     Trained USAF Accident Investigator

·     Military and civil aircraft certification expert

·     Test pilot and experimenter in 3 RQ-1A programs (Landing model, UAV eye tracking, UAV input/alert)

·     Selected 3 times by USAF to compete at NASA for a pilot astronaut position

·     Pilot for Commander in Chief Strategic Air Command

·     Distinguished graduate Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)



Doctor of Philosophy in Aerospace Engineering                                    2010

University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio


Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering                                       1984

Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts


Bachelor of Science in Chemistry                                                             1980

Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Washington